At Abot Tala Launchpad, we provide:

  • A supportive community where young people can direct their learning and bond with like-minded peers
  • Access to a network of industry experts
  • Apprenticeship and internship opportunities
  • Mentoring with people who are practitioners and experts in their field. Our members will receive regular:
    • Individual mentoring — we match you with mentors who share your interests and passions, can connect you to a network in the industry you want to get into, or can guide you as you develop your skills and projects
    • Group mentoring — receive mentorship and feedback for your collaborations and group projects
  • Classes that focus on essential skills conducted by practitioners in the arts, business, entrepreneurship, music (and other) industries
  • Seasonal masterclasses and workshops from industry leaders
  • Access to online learning resources

Abot Tala Launchpad is not an accredited senior high, college, or university — it is a Self-Directed, Interest-Led Learning center for young people in the senior high and college/university age range.

It is not a place where young people are required to take compulsory classes or forced to study subjects they are not interested in. Instead, it is a place where they can choose what they want to learn about, pursue their interests and passions, and develop the skills they want and need in order to concretely pursue their career and life goals — all within a vibrant and supportive environment.