Launchpad is a Self-Directed, Interest-Led Learning center that offers an alternative to mainstream senior high schools, colleges, and universities. 

Contrary to popular belief, self-directed education is not just a trend or a new concept. The ancient Greeks practiced what we know as experiential learning, which has evolved into what we now know as self-directed learning. 

With Self-Directed Learning, students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their learning and develop skills that are transferable, practical, and essential. With Interest-Led Learning, students have fun while doing so.

It is a place for fun, open and collaborative learning. Peers and mentors are available to give honest feedback and encouragement, brainstorm or work on exciting projects with, and just hang out with! We love collaborations as they develop teamwork, social skills, and empathy.

It is a creative hub and maker space, where you can work on passion projects. We want our members to be inspired and committed to the process of making their next literary piece, song, artwork, website, prototype, or start-up. Whatever it is, whether physical or digital, practical or fantastical, just go ahead and make it!    

It is a place of mentoring, guidance, connection, and apprenticeship. We believe that human connection is the key for true learning to take place so we provide mentorship (both one-on-one and group) that pairs young people with mentors who are either industry experts or share the same interests and passions that they have. These mentors can also connect our members to the right networks, and share with them the knowledge and skills they need as they launch into the “real world” — as they build their portfolio, begin their own startups, or embark on their career path. 

It is a place to build future-proof life and work skills. Whatever career path you choose, there are certain skills that you’ll need in order to navigate the changes and challenges that the future brings. We want to help our members develop those skills.

At Abot Tala Launchpad, young people can figure out their career options, develop projects, programs, and portfolios, build their networks, begin their startups, and be inspired to keep on learning. We provide guidance and mentorship to young people as they take charge of their personal and professional growth.

We want our members to think critically by asking questions, and designing and executing their own projects. We encourage them to be personally responsible for their own learning by exploring topics they are interested in, taking classes in subjects they are passionate about, and setting their own goals.

We want to foster an environment where feedback is sincere and collaborations are authentic. We really just want to help everyone learn and grow at their own pace.