Our program is personalized, flexible, self-directed, and output-based. You can work together with your mentors and choose classes and projects that are in line with your career goals.

Program Schedule

Core Block or C-Block (August-November 2021)
Classes will focus on essential skills needed for whatever industry you want to enter.

Projects & Portfolio Block or P-Block (December 2021-March 2022)
A mix of classes, group mentoring sessions, and allotted times for brainstorming, collaborations, and working on specific projects.

Apprenticeship and Application Block or AP-Block (April-July 2022)
You will be provided with guidance and coaching as you begin an apprenticeship, internship, or develop your own enterprise. You will be plugged into Launchpad’s network of industry contacts and partners.

Incubation Block or I-Block (August-October 2022)
As you prepare to launch into the career of your choice, transitional support will be available during this block, e.g. resume reviews, check-ins with mentors and peers, mock interview sessions, and so on.

Program inclusions:

  • Weekly classes that are conducted by industry practitioners, interactive, and limited in size for a more personalized experience
  • Masterclass classes, seminars, workshops, and/or one-on-one or group coaching/mentoring sessions conducted by industry leaders and special guest mentors
  • Regular one-on-one mentoring sessions
  • Small group mentoring sessions
  • Community-led classes and clubs
  • Community channels and activities
  • Access to a mental health support group
  • Access to a whole range of expertise from our block mentors, masterclass mentors, guest speakers, and community members
  • Exclusive announcements and opportunities for apprenticeships, internships, and OJTs from our partners and network of industry contacts
  • Access to online learning resources

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